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How can print e-commerce go out of the trap? Change the status quo?

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How can print e-commerce go out of the trap? Change the status quo?

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2018/05/18 12:18
How can print e-commerce go out of the trap? Change the status quo?
How can print e-commerce go out of the trap? Change the status quo?
1, industry trends: in line with the development of major trends, the current new retail has reached the line, the printing industry can follow the trend and play the advantages of offline groups;
2. Self-advantage: Combine the development status of itself and give full play to its advantages. If you have a printing house and workers, you can reduce costs, but you have to ensure that the customer;
3. Product innovation and characteristics: In addition to the common categories, the printing industry's products are still in other large forms. This must be combined with the needs of the industry, combined with the needs of the company's product updates and features of the design;
4, the combination of technology and products: such as 3D printing production, the application of VR, the use of scientific and technological means to optimize the communication process between products and users, simplifying the workload of its service staff;
5. Explore the combination of product features under the new profit model: such as offline retail store experience, franchise chain, etc.;
6. Strengthen the comprehensive capabilities of the enterprise: Increase the company's own capabilities in terms of products, supply chain, processes, and operations;
7, advocate green printing: The implementation of this concept is good, the prospects of printed electricity supplier industry is still very good!
In working life, we are in touch with printed products every day, from books, business cards, bills to packaging, billboards and so on. With social and economic development, the demand for printed products has also increased. To maintain the printing industry, the largest audience should be small and micro enterprises. Their demand for DM, brochures, advertisements, business cards, etc. has remained stable. Many people think that now is the era of the Internet. Social tools are so convenient. Who will print these products? actually not.
From the perspective of the classification of printed matter, generally speaking, large prints refer to leaflets, business cards, albums, stickers, packaging boxes, carbonless copy paper, PVC cards, handbags, envelopes, letterheads, leaflets, etc. Printing, and small printing we generally call graphic fast printing, generally black and white copying, color printing, scanning and archiving, drawing output recipe production, photo inkjet printing, text tender binding X banner rack roll up personalized design business, is a small amount Custom class. This is usually the case, and now the large printing products can be customized in the photo shop, and it is in great demand. So, despite the information age, the market for printed products is still very broad.
In addition, according to estimates, in the future China will replace the United States as the world's largest packaging market. The paper and paperboard packaging market will have significant growth, which will have a positive driving effect on people's lifestyle, sustainable development, recycling, and technological progress.
Therefore, in the printing of this category, there is still much room for development, especially the printing of packaging. Directly facing the customer's printing e-commerce, it can be said that e-commerce industry process is the most complex and cumbersome, and the most delicate industry with the most frequent customer experience.
Why do you say this? Because in this industry, customers need to print their own sample first, and without sample, they have to communicate with customer service to help them arrange professional design. The whole process is communicated down, it can be said that subvert the frequency of communication in the e-commerce industry. . There is also logistics, which depends on the completion time of the entire printing process. It is not the finished product that directly sends the logistics to complete the transaction.
There are too many contents in the communication process between print customer service and customers, such as paper type, grams, quantity, cutting, whether or not they are designed, whether they are templates, whether they are self-advanced, the number of grams of paper, the choice of binding methods, etc. Involving all aspects. Therefore, relative technological development capabilities and product innovation and design capabilities are the biggest pain points in this industry.
Therefore, this industry needs to do a standard thing, so that users have a unified standard, so that the industry has a unified measurement. Especially for the e-commerce business, I should deepen my cultivation in terms of delivery speed, quality, service, specifications, materials, and craftsmanship, plus the efficiency of the service and the innovation of the product. I believe there will be a lot in the future. Great development.
(Source: China Packaging and Printing Industry Network)